UCSD Biochemical Genetics and Metabolomics Laboratory

-Omic Data Entry

Our lab will provide results in a format which can be pasted directly below, or you may produce your own datasets.
Column 1 must be an identifier (HMDB for compounds, Uniprot for proteins), column 2 the relative value (fold-change), and column 3 the significance score (p-value).
Paste your own data below (or choose one of the examples below).
Paste data below. When ready, click "Process" button.
Plaste data here:
Select separators: Commas or Spaces or Tabs
Select scale for fold-change: Linear proportionality (1x=1, 2x=2, ½x=0.5), or
Logarithm base 2 (1x=0, 2x=1, ½x=-1), or
Logarithm base 10 (1x-0, 10x=1, ⅒x=-1)

Click "Process" to read the input: